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Seattle hit & run accident lawyer

At Bungay Law, we understand how the damage a hit-and-run driver can cause. This is no ordinary car accident; you might have trouble getting your insurance company to listen to your story. While you focus on your medical recovery, let our personal injury lawyer pursue the at-fault driver on your behalf. We have fought for countless victims of car accidents, and we can also handle your personal injury claim.

Learn more about hit-and-run accidents below, and give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

Why You Need a Skilled Seattle Hit and Run Attorney for Your Case

Why you need a skilled Seattle hit and run attorney for your case

If you’re a hit-and-run victim, you’re not alone. But the road to justice and fair compensation requires expertise.

Some of the reasons why you should work with us include:

A. Free Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation

This is your opportunity to understand the merits of your case. A seasoned attorney from Bungay Law can offer insights and plan the way forward. These consultations give victims clarity, helping them take the first step. It’s a chance to ask questions and get a sense of the legal landscape.

B. Investigation and Gathering Evidence

Building a robust case requires concrete evidence. Our attorneys know where to look, from surveillance footage to eyewitness accounts. Every piece of evidence can shed light on the incident, helping to build a case that holds the at-fault driver accountable.

C. Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies aim to minimize payouts. With an attorney from Bungay Law by your side, they’ll be less likely to undercut your claim. We can negotiate a fair settlement, even if you lack uninsured motorist coverage. Experience and skill make all the difference in these negotiations.

D. Representation in Court, if Necessary

While many cases get settled out of court, some might require a trial. In such scenarios, having an attorney ensures your voice gets heard. Bungay Law will stand by you, presenting your case with conviction and professionalism. You’re never alone in the courtroom.

E. Ensuring Fair Compensation for Damages

Medical bills can mount quickly after an accident. Lost wages and other damages can put victims in a tough spot. Our attorneys work diligently, ensuring that every cost is accounted for. This could even include future medical expenses.

Understanding Hit and Run Accident Laws in Seattle

Hit-and-run incidents aren’t just unethical—they’re illegal. Seattle laws mandate that all parties involved in an accident stay at the scene. Leaving without providing necessary information or rendering aid is a crime.

Some culprits flee the scene due to panic, while others have malicious intent. Whatever the reason, victims need representation that understands the nuances of Seattle’s legal system. Rely on our hit-and-run accident attorney to represent you.

Common Causes of Hit & Run Accidents

Common causes of hit & run accidents

Some of the most prevalent causes of hit-and-run accidents include:

  1. Driver IntoxicationAlcohol can impair a driver’s judgment. They might leave the scene, fearing legal repercussions for their intoxicated state. This can make an already bad situation even worse.
  2. Uninsured MotoristsDrivers without insurance might flee, fearing the financial implications of the accident. They aim to evade the responsibility of covering damages.
  3. Panic or FearSome drivers might leave purely out of panic. The trauma of an accident can cloud judgment, leading them to make poor choices in the moment.
  4. Outstanding WarrantsIf a driver has an active warrant for their arrest, they’re likely to flee, fearing additional legal issues. They prioritize their immediate freedom over the well-being of the victim.
  5. Driving Without a Valid LicenseYou must have a valid license to drive a motor vehicle. Those caught in such situations might leave the scene, trying to evade further legal trouble.
  6. Reckless Driving or SpeedingReckless drivers can flee after an accident, knowing that they are in trouble. They hope to avoid the legal consequences of their behavior.
  7. Distracted DrivingDistracted drivers, whether due to texting, talking, or any other distraction, might not even realize the gravity of the situation. Once the realization hits, fear can push them to flee.

Bungay Law is committed to ensuring that each case gets the attention it merits, holding the responsible party accountable.

Common Injuries Associated With Hit and Run Accidents

The physical and emotional toll of hit-and-run accidents can be immense. While the emotional scars might take time to heal, the physical injuries are often evident. Some of the most common injuries include:

A. Brain Trauma

Accidents can lead to head injuries, ranging from mild concussions to severe brain trauma. These injuries can have lasting effects, affecting memory, cognition, and motor skills.

B. Loss of Limbs (In Extreme Cases)

In severe crashes, victims might face amputations. The loss of a limb is life-altering, requiring extensive rehabilitation and adjustments.

C. Burns

Explosions or fires resulting from a crash can cause burns. These injuries can be painful and might require surgeries and skin grafts.

D. Neck Damage (Including Whiplash)

The abrupt impact of a crash can cause neck injuries. Whiplash is common, leading to pain and reduced mobility.

E. Internal Bleeding

Not all injuries are visible. Internal bleeding can be a silent threat, requiring immediate medical attention.

F. Broken Bones

It is not unusual for someone to suffer bone fractures in an accident. Recovery can be long, involving casts, surgeries, and physical therapy.

Legal Consequences of Hit & Run Accidents in Seattle

Legal consequences of hit & run accidents in Seattle

The aftermath of a hit-and-run incident isn’t just limited to the victim. Perpetrators, once identified, face serious legal repercussions. Seattle law considers fleeing the scene of an accident a grave offense. Those found guilty might face hefty fines, jail time, and a tarnished driving record.

For victims, understanding these consequences can offer some solace. The law recognizes the gravity of the offense, ensuring that those responsible face justice. In addition, civil lawsuits can be filed, further holding the culprit accountable. With the right legal representation, victims can ensure that justice is served both criminally and civilly.

Potential Lawsuits From Injured Parties

Victims have the right to seek compensation when injured in a hit-and-run accident. This often involves filing a civil lawsuit against the responsible party. By doing so, victims can claim damages for lost pay and medical bills. It’s not just about the present but ensuring financial stability for the future.

Apart from financial damages, lawsuits can also consider emotional distress. Hit-and-run incidents can lead to trauma, affecting a victim’s overall well-being. With Bungay Law by your side, every aspect of the incident is considered, building a robust case.

Liability for Damages

In hit-and-run cases, determining liability is crucial. The responsible party, once identified, is held liable for all damages. This includes immediate medical bills, rehabilitation costs, property damage, and more. Every accident has unique circumstances, requiring a tailored approach to determine liability.

In some cases, other parties might share the liability. This could include vehicle manufacturers if a defect played a role or even establishments that overserved an intoxicated driver. Exploring every angle ensures comprehensive compensation, holding all responsible parties accountable.

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Crash in Seattle

The minutes following a hit-and-run accident can be overwhelming. A few steps you should remember to take include:

  1. Stay Calm and SafeYour safety is paramount. Move to a safe location if needed, ensuring you’re away from any further harm.
  2. Call 911Report the incident immediately. This gets you the medical help you need and alerts law enforcement.
  3. Gather InformationTake note of any details you remember about the fleeing vehicle. Every piece of information, no matter how small, can be crucial.
  4. Seek WitnessesOthers might have seen the incident. Their testimonies can play a pivotal role in identifying the culprit.
  5. Document the SceneIf possible, take pictures of the accident site. This includes your injuries and any damage to your property.
  6. Seek Medical AttentionAlways see a doctor, even if you feel okay. Some injuries, like internal bleeding, might not be immediately evident.
  7. Contact an AttorneyBefore speaking to auto insurance companies, reach out to Bungay Law. An attorney can guide you, ensuring your rights remain protected.

Following these steps can streamline the legal process. It’s about ensuring that you have all the necessary evidence to build a robust case. With the right actions and expert representation, victims can confidently navigate the aftermath.

The Legal Process for Seattle Hit & Run Accident Claims

The legal process for Seattle hit and run accident claims

Understanding the legal process can offer clarity once you decide to pursue a claim. Here’s a breakdown:

A. Filing a Lawsuit

The process starts with officially filing a claim. This outlines the incident, the injuries sustained, and the compensation sought. It sets the stage for the legal proceedings to follow.

B. Discovery Phase

Both sides gather evidence during this phase. It’s a time for fact-finding, where details about the incident and its repercussions are collected and shared.

C. Negotiating a Settlement

Many cases are resolved outside the courtroom. With the evidence presented, both sides might agree on a settlement amount, avoiding a trial.

D. Going to Trial if Necessary

If a settlement isn’t reached, the case goes to trial. Here, both sides present their case, with a judge or jury delivering a verdict.

E. Collecting Compensation

The compensation process begins once a verdict is reached or a settlement is agreed upon. This ensures victims get the financial support they need.

Understanding this process can help victims set expectations. It’s not always straightforward, and having seasoned representation ensures that every step is taken with care. Bungay Law is there at every stage, providing guidance and support.

Statute of Limitations for Hit and Run Injury Claims in Seattle, WA

 In Seattle, hit-and-run victims typically have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit. You need to file your claim by this deadline to seek compensation. It’s crucial to act promptly, ensuring your rights remain intact.

Damages You Can Collect From a Hit-and-Run Claim

When pursuing a hit-and-run claim, understanding the potential damages is vital. These damages aim to compensate victims for both immediate and future repercussions of the accident. It’s about ensuring a comprehensive approach to justice.

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover tangible financial losses. This includes medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. For many, the immediate aftermath of an accident brings a slew of bills. But with a successful claim, these burdens can be alleviated.

Apart from immediate costs, economic damages also consider the future. This could mean ongoing medical treatments or reduced earning potential due to injuries. It’s a holistic view, recognizing the full financial implications of the incident.

Non-Economic Damages

While some losses can be quantified, others are more intangible. Non-economic damages recognize the emotional and psychological toll of a car accident. You could recover damages for emotional stress, chronic pain, and general suffering.

Punitive Damages

In some cases, the actions of the perpetrator are especially egregious. Punitive damages serve as a punishment, aiming to deter similar behavior in the future. They go beyond compensation, holding the responsible party accountable for their actions.

However, securing punitive damages requires showcasing the particularly malicious or reckless nature of the perpetrator’s actions. With seasoned legal representation, the nuances of the incident are highlighted, seeking justice in every form.

Wrongful Death Claims (If Applicable)

In tragic cases, hit-and-run car accidents might result in death. In such instances, the victim’s family has the right to pursue a wrongful death claim. This seeks to compensate for the immense loss, both emotionally and financially.

A wrongful death claim can ensure financial stability for the family, recognizing the deep void left by the incident. Bungay Law offers compassionate representation, understanding the sensitivities of such cases.

Contact Our Seattle Hit and Run Accident Lawyers at Bungay Law for an Initial Case Evaluation Today

Contact our Seattle hit and run accident lawyers at Bungay Law

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a hit-and-run accident in Seattle, don’t face it alone. Bungay Law stands ready to assist, offering guidance and representation every step of the way. With our expert team, you can pursue justice and the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today for a free case evaluation. Let us be your advocate in these challenging times.

Contact Bungay Personal Injury Law today For a Free Consultation 206-769-0093

Contact Bungay Personal Injury Law today For a Free Consultation 206-769-0093

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